The number 1 gripe of customers is the time they have to wait on hold when they want to speak to you... Vivodo gives customer service a new dimension. It delivers a fast and interactive customer support interface, ensuring customers never have to stay on hold


Fybrix is a complete Inbound and outbound call center support platform. It uses the latest cloud technology powered by Vivid's voice platform. Fybrix is Omni-channel and flexible – making it easier to manage your own customer care center

No repetitions

Every feel pressured in to making a choice on an IVR? Vivodo removes this pressure from the consumer, no more missing out an option, selecting the wrong option or listen to an entire audio prompt again. The visual IVR sets the consumer free from full time auditory engagement – make your choice on your screen at your own leisure.

Instant Messaging

Using Vivodo customer can chat to your agents by instant message. The chat feature allows your customers to take pictures and audio recordings from there device and send them to you when reporting a problem or an issue with the service you provide.

Reduce queue traffic

Vivodo allows your business to reduce their traditional incoming call center traffic by a up to 50%, saving money on resources and infrastructure while making the customer engagement more meaningful, interactive, and profitable.

Demand-based engagement

Do you force your customers in to listening to long IVR information messages? Vivodo changes this relationship from 'mandatory engagement' to 'demand-based engagement‘ – tailoring the engagement to your customers. /p>

Visual Navigation

Vivodo allows your customer to effortlessly navigate to the correct IVR queue without frustration

Saves Time

60 seconds of first generation IVR versus 6 seconds of quick glance on the visual IVR to consume the information or carry out an action. Time consumption reduced at least by 10 folds.


How it Works

Vivodo works by integrating this voice platform into your smart phone/device. When your customers dial the service number they require their device screen will show them the options they would normally hear. Customers pick where they want to go by tapping through the options on your screen. In this way the agent they are routed to knows the reason for their call, and can even identify them before they speak, all of which will reduce the time taken to address any questions/issues and let your consumers get back to their day. This is what excellent service looks like. Vivodo also allows the agent to send pictures, videos, and descriptors information to the customers phone. Ever tried to explain the features of a product or how to fix a fault? Ever lead a customer blindly through a set of instructions not knowing if they understand? Don’t! Now you can send the instructions in text, image or video format directly to their phone.

About us

The team at Vivodo is have been together since 2011. We work, and are supported by some of the worlds largest tech firms, Microsoft, Google and Telefonica to name a few. We’re on a journey to provide the World with a platform that allows customers to reclaim their life, self service their needs and take back the time they spend on hold!

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