Life's too short to be hangin' on hold

What is VIVID?

Visual Navigation

It will save the consumer time, rather than listening through the entire verbiage of the IVR prompts, customers can just look up the visual tree in one view and navigate to the desired node just by tapping on it.

Saves Time

60 seconds of first generation IVR versus 6 seconds of quick glance on the visual IVR to consume the information or carry out an action. Time consumption reduced at least by 10 folds.

No repetitions

It removes the auditory pressure from the consumer, no more missing out an option or selecting a wrong option or listen to an entire audio prompt again unless you reach the desired IVR node. The visual IVR sets the consumer free from full time auditory engagement to a casual multi sensory (touch/ visual) affair.

Rich content queueing

Vivid will force the customers to be more precise and focused with their issues. Customers will send in the description of their problems along with a picture or an audio note before they queue their call. The customer advisor would know in advance what the customer is calling about and can handle the call better, also reducing the average call handle time.

Reduce queue traffic

Depending upon the nature of the business, the business can reduce their traditional incoming call center traffic by a decent 30-35 %, saving money on resources and infrastructure while making the customer engagement more meaningful and interactive.

Instant Messaging

The consumer can also opt for a chat agent who he/ she can interact with using his smart phone. The chat feature will be fully multimedia integrated, where the consumer can take pictures and small sound clips from his mobile phones and send it to the advisor for reporting a problem or an issue with a product or service.

Demand-based engagement

The first generation audio IVRs force the information on consumers by forcing them to listen through new prompt messages, in queue announcements, advertisement campaigns etc. Vivid changes this relationship from 'mandatory engagement' to 'demand-based engagement'.

Omer Khan - CEO / Co-Founder
I am engineer/programer/entrepreneur with a knack to break things & fix them better

Rizwan Chand - Co-Founder
I am an entrepreneur with hands-on technical skills, also a business school graduate.

  • Director :: Mr Rizwan Chand (Business analyst - computing)
  • Phone: 07508366336 / 02081237578
  • Email:
  • Other Services
  • - Liase with customers to determine the needs of the business.
  • - Evaluate business procedures and undertake feasibility studies for IT developments, incorporating cost and benefits to customer organisation.
  • - Define the capacity of existing software, hardware and network.
  • - Research, and monitor network infrastructure and its performance
  • - Offer suggestions and recommendations in the form of a written report.
  • - Advising about upcoming technology and market trends.
  • - Advise of the impact of such upcoming technology to the business and possible incorporation of such technology.
  • - Assist in providing and procuring IT systems at good rates (research before buy)
  • - Arrange the delivery, installation and maintenance of all IT systems and their environments.
  • - Arrange or deliver training for the proper use of the relevant technology.
  • - Be available at hand during the implementation process.
  • - Test new systems to make sure that they meet the requirements of the customer.
  • - Monitor the project and manage relevant staff and financials until project completion and handoff.

"Mozart's symphony sounds better on an ice cream truck, not on hold music ..."